Privacy Policy

LANA® has created and abides by a strict privacy/confidentiality policy demonstrating its firm commitment to CLT-LANA® candidate and certificant privacy. The policy applies to all aspects of the CLT-LANA® credential including the secure handling and storage of application materials, examinations, scores and candidate and certificant records. LANA® and its agents shall keep confidential all candidates’ and certified persons’ information (including name, address, telephone numbers, examination scores, and other confidential records) unless authorized for release by the candidate or certified person.

It is the policy of LANA® that non-disclosed, protected information may NOT be released to or shared with:

  • Any member of the public unless there is applicable statutory exception or written release from the CLT-LANA® candidate or certificant.
  • Any LANA® member unless the recipient has a legitimate interest for the use of that protected information to perform a service (i.e. committee work).

Furthermore, LANA® staff with access to protected information is expected to protect any information from unauthorized disclosure. This includes, as appropriate:

  • Computer Systems and Applications Security: Central processing units, peripherals, portable storage devices, operating system, applications software and data.
  • Physical Security: The premises occupied by LANA® or its contractors using computer equipment storing or having access to protected Information.
  • Operational Security: Environmental control, power equipment, operational activities related to operations.
  • Procedural Security: Established and documented security processes for information technology staff, vendors, management, and individual users of protected Information.
  • Network Security: Communications equipment, transmission paths, switches, terminals and adjacent areas.