About Us

The Lymphology Association of North America, LANA, is a non-profit corporation specializing in the certification of healthcare professionals who diagnose and/or treat lymphedema and related disorders. LANA was created following the 1998 American Cancer Society Lymphedema Workshop recommendation to establish certification guidelines to assure that specific treatments and facilities meet state-of-the-art criteria. The multidisciplinary LANA Board of Directors, including physicians, nurses, and therapists, identified the need for and subsequently created a national certification examination.

The LANA examination has been written and administered under the guidance of Schroeder Measurement Technologies(SMT)/Prometric. SMT/Prometric has been providing comprehensive exam development and administration services to certification organizations and licensing agencies worldwide since 1995.

LANA’s alliance of medical professionals from diverse disciplines utilizes their comprehensive knowledge of the lymphatic system to assess, plan, and provide therapeutic intervention to help restore or maximize function and improve quality of life.